BGCSW offers many programs

Daily Programming

BGCSW actively seeks to enrich the lives of our Club members by ensuring greater access to quality programs. Members explore a variety of interests and needs based programs in five core areas:

  • Character and Leadership Development
  • Education and Career Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • The Arts
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation

On a typical day, Club members have an opportunity to participate in programs in the Games Room, Arts Center, Learning Center, Technology Lab, Instructional Kitchen, Library, or Gymnasium, all designed to interest, educate, and inspire our Club members. Three fifty-minute rotations in each area are offered and members are free to pick their own rotations. Club staff in each specialty area plan a ten-week curriculum. In a typical week, up to 50 structured activities are offered.


The tutoring program includes opportunities for our members to set goals, work one-on-one with a volunteer tutor, and build not only academic skills, but also confidence in their education.


The mentoring program matches a Club member with a volunteer mentor, with the hope of building a positive relationship with an encouraging adult, and enhancing character development. Club members chosen for the mentoring program are those who parents or staff feel would benefit from the individual attention of a caring community member.

Sports Intramurals

BGCSW Intramurals ProgramsBGCSW’s Intramural Program provides 1st through 6th grade Club members with an affordable, fun, and non-competitive atmosphere where they can learn the basics of sport. We offer basketball in the winter and baseball in the summer. Our high quality program provides youth with the opportunity to learn fundamentals, offensive and defensive philosophy, sportsmanship, respect and the importance of teamwork. The program also gives Club members the chance to practice in our gym twice a week and the opportunity to play in front of cheering fans every Friday night.

For more information about our intramurals program or to register your child for a league, please contact your local Club Director.

Snacks and Meals

During the school year, all Club members receive a snack when they arrive at Club at no additional cost.
During the summer, Club members receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack each day at no additional cost.

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